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Family – Biased readers?



Is it just me or do other writers find it just plain wierd when a family member is reading their book?

My mum has been reading my novel Heads or Tails and it’s not a comedy although I have made one of the characters a slightly hysterical social climber – Mum keeps laughing as she’s reading.

I am a strong believer that each reader will have their own experience of a book and there have been a couple of times that I’ve heard her say “that is so you” or “I can imagine so and so saying that” but overall I think that she has genuinely been enjoying the story not because I’m her daughter but because she actually likes the story and the characters in it.

But at first in the back of my mind came the inevitable voice…maybe she’s only laughing/commenting because it was written by me, she knows my habits and the inspirations and she can see them in my writing…love me, love my writing by default?.

I stopped analysing for the sake of my sanity! Mum is enjoying the book whatever the reason and family loyalty over 100000 words might wane anyway so if she likes it – she likes it – end of.

I have not pummelled her for critiques and I learned quickly to let her react how she wants to without me questioning why and which chapter she’s in.

She should finish it today and I’ll just let her read for herself, by herself same as every other person who reads it.

Could you imagine going to everyone who bought your book and giving them an inquisition? NOOOOOOOO!!

Last week I finished the first draft of my book on Marie Antoinette. It’ll be out on 4th May.

I won’t advocate sending anyone to the guillotine but at crucial moments when she could have tried to win the peoples favour she really didn’t help herself.

But she was a human being with flaws and strengths and that is what makes people interesting – past, present and future.

We all have life stories, we are the main character through the good and the bad times and who knows where our story will take us next? We live, we learn.

Have a great week.