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It started me thinking…


It’s odd but sometimes ideas or suggestions seem to throw themselves at you until you notice and act on them.

I’ve had a bit of that this week.

My new tablet has the app for Google Play/Google Books preloaded on it. I also had to set up my mum’s new tablet…so I had the app staring me in the face the next day too…In recent months I’ve been Amazoning 100% but I took a look at Google via their app.

Two days later I was reading a 2014 published book which told authors that they’d found that diversifying had worked for them and that increasing the number of marketplaces had been a beneficial step.

Google Play and Google Books appeared as suggested markets (among others) and this made me investigate as this was the third day in a row that I’d seen the words!

I now have placed one of my novels on Google Books and Play and a German site, Xinxii, as well as my normal outlet, Amazon, to see how it performs in all these areas.

I find that reading other writers guides and helpful advice can be a fantastic way to get me out of a particular train of thought or encourage me to keep going along a particular course of action.

They can also illustrate why certain activities or approaches can prove time consuming for little return when tested.

Prompted by a theory I read month or so ago I placed an advert for my books on a free UK online advertising/selling site.

I’d read that customers find clicking from an ad (third party) site to the book retailer site a pain…and I can tell you that after a week my ad had been viewed over 1500 times and clicked on for more info 65 times.

So, it could just be me, I could be ridiculously hopeless at pricing, marketing etc. (hope not!!) but from my sales stats I can conclude that whilst It wasn’t a lost cause to place the ad it also wasn’t a hugely productive promotion activity.

Who knows? Someone out there could have found it a wonderful exercise to increase sales. Maybe. At least I’ve tested the theory.

It started me thinking that many books advise to do all the online and social networking that you can, to throw yourself in to the public eye and be noticed and there are others that state that online outlets will promote you insite and that the product will still sell if you do no third party advertising.

It’s too simple and limiting to say A is correct, B is incorrect.

I read other writers and publishers books to learn – what to do, what not to do, to challenge their findings, to acknowledge that they’re right and that in some cases what works for one writer might not suit another.

I think that it’s important NEVER to think that you know all that you need to know or assume that nothing changes.

It does, all the time, whether it’s market share, new outlets, styles, management, publishers, agents…the list goes on and on.

Whether in the world of writing or any other business sphere there is always something new to learn, Always.

It pays to keep your knowledge base topped up so that you can make wise business decisions that can aid creativity and productivity.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today and Happy Day to everyone.


Rosalind Frontcover


Microfiction Monday – 26th Edition

Some fab stories on here, mine is at the bottom, 100 words maximum limit…glad to be included. Thanks! 🙂

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Special thanks to Jessica Standifird for her editorial assistance. This week’s artwork is by Kate Salvi.


Leaving on a Ghost Train
by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri

The ghost train came to take me, the night after the dead took over. It came through the kitchen, blinding my sister and me with its melting light.
“Bugger off,” Margaret said, wrapping an arm around me. “You can’t have him.”
“All twelve-year olds work for the dead,” the train said in a Yorkshire accent. “They’re the most fit to serve the new order.”
“I’m not going,” I said. “Take the neighbors.”
The train plunged into my sister, wheels grinding up strands of red hair, eyes, spinning like hypnotic Ferris wheels. She waved and smiled, her smile turning to crinkled stardust, falling away.

The Staircase
by Joey To

Jane slipped her shoes off, then glanced at the longcase clock and sighed: 10 p.m. and unsurprisingly…

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Article, poetry and busy busy me! ;-)


A brand new follower asked for the link for the OCD article that I was working on in June this year…only my daft brain cell jumped to the Christmas related one (see more recent post) so I responded that it was on hold.

I am pleased to completely contradict myself! and say that the OCD article is alive and well and I’m pitching it to magazines so stay tuned! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed…you get the idea!

I did use part of my research for a book I’ve placed on Amazon How to write, heal and grow.

The basic overall message that came back to me was that people know what they SHOULD do but they don’t necessarily feel that they can.

e.g. People look at someone with a mental health problem and would not openly say “I’m a bit freaked out/don’t feel confident/don’t fully undertstand” and this makes them awkward so human nature being what it is, people avoid the discomfort and stigma lives on. More information is desperately needed for people to set aside misconceptions. (Any comments welcome.)

Hopefully as I write I can help in a teeny tiny way!!!

Big thank you’s to all followers – I do appreciate that you could be reading something else instead!

Great news yesterday – Poetree Org  uploaded some of my work on to their site, feel free to take a peek! Fab site!! 

Anyhow, yesterday after a few days I wasn’t thinking of Christmas…I was thinking poetically about time…today? I’m Little Miss Edit. It’s a mystery short story. The Mystery of Billy Burrows…out soon! (Or more precisely when I finish editing the little darling amongst other projects – I LOVE being busy!)

Have a great day and remember to smile, if only to make someone mad wondering what you’re so happy about!!



An Organisation Helping Support #Writers and #Authors: Please Pass On

I love this!

I’m a big kid!



Merry Christmas!

I’m Christmassy and a teeny bit excited…but not drunk, I just like the pic!…because I’ve put together some funny Christmas poems over the last couple of days and compiled a mini anthology called It’s Christmas! (Out tomorrow 19/11/14 or possibly late today.)

From Tommy Turkey: Legend to Party Animal Pete it’s been great fun and even if no one ever buys it, borrows it or even glances at the cover on Amazon I’ve had a fab couple of Christmassy indulgent days – I even ate my first panatone of the winter to be festive!

Yes, it was DELICIOUS! I wish that I could claim that it was homemade and I am a brilliant cook but hey, I can write and my sister got the culinary skills – seems fair to me!

A few years ago she sent us her homemade mince pies all the from Canada to the UK…mince pies travel well. (and if she happens to read this she can always take the last line as a walloping great big hint ;-)X

Tomorrow I’ll be back to non season related work…might sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to start the day…nope, I’m not a great singer, yep, you want my sister for singing ability! Athough be warned: I painted her recorder with nail varnish once because I was fed up with the screeching that her playing inspired so she can’t do EVERYTHING!

Heehee Naughty? Moi (innocent face!!) Her revenge: She started to ply the clarinet AND the guitar – or Guitaaaaaaaaaargh!

Have fun peeps

Joanne (only 36 days until Christmas…I just KNEW you’d wanna know!!)

So many subjects to write about!



My brain has been super-duper productive this last week or so which is fabulous.

However, I can only assume that it has been so busy coming up with new ideas because I told myself that I was going to work on a longer fiction piece for a while which must have sent my creative brain cells into “ha ha, that’s what you think!” mode and this week I have set aside the editing from last week, the new fiction project and the new article and I’ve written three short non fiction e-books.

I love finding out about things so researching is never a problem, even before the OCD turned up I used to get excited by learning, now that OCD has focused that even more I can get lost for hours finding out about something that until the idea popped in to my head I hadn’t really considered that I was overly interested in it.

Curious but true – my brain is a home for the most unlikely trivia, especially words and history related.

One of the books I wrote was on the meaning of colours,  colour psychology and their use in marketing.

It was great fun to do and it was inspired by a comment my therapist made which set me thinking…I had been watching a Garfield cartoon (guilty pleasure) and his orange-ness had triggered a memory that we needed to process and disarm so that it didn’t affect me anymore (PTSD.)

She said something along the lines of “orange means things in psychology, interested. Hmmm.”

That was it, curiosity heightened and here we are a book later!

Orange apparently means new beginnings, creativity and confidence among other things so I am going to thank good old Garfield for triggering the memory that set me on the path to a brighter day and a book! The marketing side of colour usage I already had a broad knowledge of anyhow thanks to my previous life in offices.

The other books were about confusion over words and animal names.

Yes, diverse!!!

Now I’m off to find out about Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (Marie Antoinette’s mum) as I ponder on which of the ideas my lovely brain has conjured up to work on next.

Have a great weekend and remember that we’re only 39 days until it’s Christmas.

If you’re Christmas shopping…Good luck, it’s busy out there!


Winter Poll-tastic!

Hi, can you help me with an article by answering a couple of questions via my poll? Please and thank you!!


If you want to leave an additional comment please do!

Thanks for helping me out.



Today’s inspiration, tomorrow’s published!


The temperatures seem to have dipped so it’s a woolly jumper kind of a day – I can do creative and woolly though so it’s all good!

This is a haiku I wrote today inspired by the leafy chaos in the park, I thought that I’d share it…

Strong beau, sweep me up

 Murmured the leaves to the broom

Lost beau was a rake!

And huge thanks to Morgen Bailey who has used one of my “spread the word” poems: It can be found via this link:

I am editing a short story at the moment that’s based in Spring and I sent a children’s Christmas story ready for upload in December to an editor this afternoon.

Talk about season hopping!

Have a great week, stay warm or cool depending on where you are and with joy I can tell you that there are only 51 days left until Christmas…ho, ho, ho! (Don’t groan!!)

Out Now!