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Happy Weekend And Shoes


It’s here, Friday PM means it’s officially THE


I say that I won’t do any writing/editing over the weekend but I don’t suppose that I’ll stick to that, I’ve known me for a while now so I can predict that I probably won’t be able to resist playing with words for some of the time at least!

That said, I’m reading fab books at the mo, one about Prince Philip and another one, a WW2 novel so who knows? Is it gonna be a royal or historical or writing or all of the above weekend?????…Decisions decisions. Oh yeah, and I have to go out in to the real world too.



Can I use my OCD as a reason for buying shoes yesterday? They’re lovely gorgeous shoes but well, you know, it’s not payday yet…so yeah, I’ll blame the OCD for making me frivolous! (No, I don’t believe it either!)

Have fun peeps & thanks for reading,






The longest day

Hi books

It’s the longest day of the year…the most daylight but apparently not the most sun today. Ah well. There’s a lot of cloud above my head right now so if anyone sees the sun can they tell it to shine over south west England, thanks!

I am having a full on glorious fabtastic no holds barred reading fiction day…trouble is, I’ve started two novels recently, Consider the Lily by Elizabeth Buchan and The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley and both are turning out to be fab.

I have toyed with reading one for a while then switching to the other and then back again – think hokey cokey with books – and reading a book with each eye isn’t working too well ha ha.

Have a great and hopefully relaxing day and even if today is midwinter for you and not midsummer I hope that you enjoy yourself…your summer is only a few months away!

Happy chillaxing peeps.



Time travel




I’ve just left Regency England after a day editing my book (The Royal Race Of 1818) so my mind is more Jane Austen than J.K. Rowling at the moment.

I am loving the history, the learning and writing to editing process, it’s like taking a loosely moulded bob of clay and crafting it with care in to a refined piece that people might just fingers crossed want to spend time with.

Actually, it’s just as well it isn’t clay I am totally rubbish at art – words yes, artistic doodlings and makings uh-oh no no. I admire the people who can.

I’ve been working indoors and it’s so warm and the sun is shining I have been hankering to get outside, you know, to do creativity al fresco but I know me – I’d get out there, think ooh it’s a bit breezy, too hot, the sun’s in my eyes or shhhh pesky kids playing down the road and the distractions would make me want to be inside in peace and solitude. Gotta love being human! So I’ve stayed in to save on movement effort.

Fab news: Banished some old items that reminded me of the era that triggered the OCD and post traumatic stress on Saturday, the refuse/garbage bods will take them away forever tomorrow…seeing them made me really sad but it was cathartic…more of the pain is out of my system. YAY.



Note to self: I must remember to hydrate…I get engrossed in work and forget that being parched is not a good thing. Thirsssstyyyyyy.

Another note to self: I deserve a cheeky takeaway tonight, I’ve decided.


Have a fab week,






In my head structures torn down, a tornado

Monoliths had been embedded moments ago

He’s not dedicated to us, a lost cause, no hope found

Twenty odd years of history razed to the ground

With his cologne filled air of self satisfied finality

I’m stunned, powerless, cut down cruelly


He tells me that I can rebuild my new life with zeal

Find love with someone who has more appeal

I try to believe that I’ll be better without him

As he insists it will be so I try to submit to his whim

He opens the door and goes without looking back

My name isn’t etched on his heart, it’s on the rack


He worships and loves her, Helen.

I’m the discarded ruin, Katherine.



I hope that cheered everyone up! 😉 Have a fab day. 



Al Fresco

booAl Fresco


They’re seasonally cheery

Around these suburban parts

I think that the key to the mystery

Of their activities can only start

With the word and weather “sunny”

From shade to sun spots dart


Brit’s are optimistic monkeys

Longing with all their hearts

That this summertime will be

Tropical, something akin to St. Bart’s

Dining alfresco, ignoring that it’s windy

Goose bumps build in chilled darts


Long socks over sandals or toes set free

A sea of white flesh, unconcealed body parts

The calendar says that we should be summery

Who cares about temperature charts?

We’re British, we’ll freeze and sneeze stoically

As the feeling in our icy hands departs


There’s been lawn mowing at sunrise and after tea

Digging and weeding, wheelbarrows, exertion farts*

Garden centres left bereft, plots to rival Kew, hmm maybe

Before the moaning about it being too hot can start

Hosepipe and sprinkler bans will make us scream

That’s global warming say boffins so smart


Nope, that’s summer in Grand Bretagne actually! 


Have a fab day!

Joanne frog-296971_640

New work


Besides my writing projects for my books I have decided to offer my writing skills on Fiverr too.

As I love writing poetry and have had the honour (yay!) of being published several times I’ve taken the next step and write customised poetry for a special person or special event with orders placed on their site.

For people who don’t know Fiverr it is a website that has sellers and buyers of creative skills and business related tasks too. All charged at…you guessed it $5 per task or gig as they call it.

So, let’s see if anyone wants to take up the offer, I’ll let you know.

I realised that although book sales are thankfully do very well (GRATEFUL!!) that it would be nice to have another revenue stream available for the slower book sale months…they might also turn out to be slow months on Fiverr but as the saying goes you’ve got to be in it to win it.

It also gives me even more variety in my work days, the customers provide the inspiration and get a unique piece of work in return. It’s a win win.

I have said before that I like to be busy – yep, I do, some things never change – now I’m off to research some more info for my book.

Just for a change haha the weather in England is pants today…not at all summery. If you see a drenched, bedraggled but happy five foot four inches tall researcher…it’ll be me!

Have fun.