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Err…you can’t say that!



It’s a bank holiday weekend here and surprise surprise it’s raining (again) so I am taking refuge on my comfy sofa later with a book about Catherine the Great so here’s hoping that as I’m editing my book about Charles II at the moment I won’t get confused and start rewriting history, you know, just for fun!




Anyway, here’s what happened early last night, it made me smile…

OK, the British are legends on the subject of weather, we can’t go thirty seconds without discussing it and we probably dream about it too…so, I was a bit surprised when Mr. Weatherman pointed to his sexy graphics of rainfall over Blighty after the news last night and authoritatively uttered the immortal line “but don’t take too much notice of that.” 

You can’t give a Brit the weather forecast and then tell them that it might be totally rubbish and containing inaccurate pictures and warblings, the nation will go in to mass bemusement and seek therapy! There just aren’t enough therapists in the land to cope with the crisis – I know that the TV company are changing info providers soon but really, are the old lot just yanking our chains?! Heaven forbid that we actually look out of the window and decide what the weather is up to, the very thought is nonsense!!

Just to confirm that the country seems to be OK, people are going out unsuitably dressed for the weather and moaning about it being the end of summer before it’s started as usual so we’ll be fine. No, we will, if we all huddle under an umbrella in sandals and bobblehats and blame the weatherbod for the forecast being almost right.

Have a fab rest of the weekend and remember to relax and to dress weather appropriate, sixteen layers should do it!









Words, words, words


girl-308360_640Just to keep you up to date – because I know that you wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing ha ha – I am in the final stages of editing my book on Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb.

Out on Amazon Kindle 31st May.

I am reading a detective novel AND a biography on the Hollywood and dance legend Fred Astaire (it would have been his birthday last Sunday) AND I’m researching my next book The Royal Race of 1818. Out on 31st July 2015. Think reading in rotation.


Anyone got any brain cells and eyes to spare?! I have a lot of words in front of me, rough count a zillion.

Can you tell that I never ever ever get bored? (Well I did once, it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t like being bored so decided not to be again.)

Um, why am I asking questions? Dunno.

BTW I’ve nailed a few more O.C.D. rituals too so whahoooo!

Have a fab day and weekend, treat yourself to a gift, be nice to yourself and take time to smile.




Snow joke!


I’m British, that means I’m genetically disposed to discuss the weather…apparently!





Anyway, here I am in southern England, the sun’s shining timidly and it’s a lovely spring day MEANWHILE my sister has woken up in Canada to a dusting of snow. I know where I’d rather be.

I think I’d:

a. cry

b. retreat to the duvet

c. both of the above, whilst eating a ton of chocolate


if I woke up to snow on the 11th May…it’s nearly the longest day of the year…there shouldn’t be snowflakes with the cornflakes!


Anyway, I’ve had a fab editing my latest book day.

I’ve also decided what my next book will be about and I might just go for a springy stroll later unlike my sister who’ll be snowgliding to work. LOL.

Have a fab day, whatever the weather.




Don’t Miss Out!



Have you ever wondered what the British aristocracy’s titles are, how and when they were created, what their social history is?
What do these people wear on ceremonial occasions?
What are the Orders of the Bath and the Order of Merit and why are they different to the Order of the Garter?
Which titles have become extinct and why?

Do present day Dukes and Earls live in fairytale castles or do they have jobs like the rest of us?
Life peers outnumber hereditary peers in the House of Lords? Why and who are these life peers?
Find out about M.B.E’s, O.B.E’s and C.B.E’s, knighthoods, damehoods, and other chivalric orders that date back hundreds of years.

Here’s a few interesting facts as a taster…

Her Majesty the Queen is the Duke (not the Duchess) of Lancaster. Why?
Prince Charles is the Grand Master of what order?
The Duke of Leinster is the premier Duke of Ireland – he lives in Oxfordshire, England. Why?
The Earl of Cadogan is one of the wealthiest people in Britain – how did the family make their fortune?

A number of titles were invented to give Charles II’s illegitimate children status. But which ones?
In 1917 a number of royals found themselves retitled but not to the same rank as they’d held before World War One. Why and who were they?
Why did people refuse particular honours? e.g. Winston Churchill.
Who has been stripped of their honours?

This book gives you the answers and many many more interesting facts about honours in British history. So, if you want to learn more then please click BUY.

Most of all, please enjoy this book about British social history, heritage, culture and social graces.

$2.96 Offer Ends 15th April 2015

£1.99 Offer Ends 15th April 2015


This book is also available from Amazon in a printed book version for its full cost of $12.99/£8.72.

Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend, Joanne.

PS If you want to reblog this post, please do!! Or you can buy 100 copies, you know, if you want to!!

Big thanks. 🙂

Family – Biased readers?



Is it just me or do other writers find it just plain wierd when a family member is reading their book?

My mum has been reading my novel Heads or Tails and it’s not a comedy although I have made one of the characters a slightly hysterical social climber – Mum keeps laughing as she’s reading.

I am a strong believer that each reader will have their own experience of a book and there have been a couple of times that I’ve heard her say “that is so you” or “I can imagine so and so saying that” but overall I think that she has genuinely been enjoying the story not because I’m her daughter but because she actually likes the story and the characters in it.

But at first in the back of my mind came the inevitable voice…maybe she’s only laughing/commenting because it was written by me, she knows my habits and the inspirations and she can see them in my writing…love me, love my writing by default?.

I stopped analysing for the sake of my sanity! Mum is enjoying the book whatever the reason and family loyalty over 100000 words might wane anyway so if she likes it – she likes it – end of.

I have not pummelled her for critiques and I learned quickly to let her react how she wants to without me questioning why and which chapter she’s in.

She should finish it today and I’ll just let her read for herself, by herself same as every other person who reads it.

Could you imagine going to everyone who bought your book and giving them an inquisition? NOOOOOOOO!!

Last week I finished the first draft of my book on Marie Antoinette. It’ll be out on 4th May.

I won’t advocate sending anyone to the guillotine but at crucial moments when she could have tried to win the peoples favour she really didn’t help herself.

But she was a human being with flaws and strengths and that is what makes people interesting – past, present and future.

We all have life stories, we are the main character through the good and the bad times and who knows where our story will take us next? We live, we learn.

Have a great week.



Editing Info and Poetry!


Give it a couple more days and my book will be finished: written, edited and uploaded to the Amazon pixies who’ll work their magic.

I wrote this poem after about five hours editing today…some times a person just has to WRITE!



Crikey, there’s no disputing

With all my recent book editing

That my poetic self is fidgeting

Some might think unused it’ll be disappearing

But no fear, in verse I’ve been yearning

To create lines of expression rhyming

Suppress the poetic urge, but it’s fruitless denying

That for my attention it’s always vying

Like a child on e-numbers but not annoying

To my heart poetry is lovingly calling

In words delicious it wants to be feasting

Creating, soothing, bathing, never destroying

So, factual sentences for the day snoozing

On my hard drive and memory stick snoring

My brain has danced around words alluring

And swirled in a poetic trance exhilarating

This poem has been written, merrily flowing

To leave the writer and reader’s soul’s glowing.


And tomorrow…you guessed it, more editing…if my brain cell doesn’t spontaneously combust. LOL.




Editing, Publishing And A New Website


The family birthdays are over again for a while so it’s back to work for me. (A year older, not sure that’s a year wiser!)

Great news: is now live! YAY…YIPPEE…WHAHOOOOOO!

The whole site can be accessed on the above address including access to my blog -I will still post via WordPress.

The children’s section can also be accessed from and I believe that in due course there will be links from that site to my children’s website.

I’m soooooo glad there are techy bods out there to do such magical things…Thanks Simon at WWW Support Services    (No, I don’t get a reduced bill by mentioning him, but credit where it’s due. 

At the risk of applying an archaic stereotype as I’ve been editing my latest book and its direction has sharpened and altered course slightly so I have employed the female prerogative to change my mind.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was called British Aristocracy and Titles with the cover that I uploaded on here.

Now, mid edit and with a wish to catch more people’s attention I have changed the title and the cover to this:

Now, that’s an Indie author privilege, you get to chop and change at your own will and not on an editor/agent/designers instruction. No offence, I like the freedom.

I’ve also added my author page to the French and German Amazon’s. My bio was already on and .com but I wasn’t expecting the very nice surprise of the Eurozone embracing my books.

Tomorrow (25th Feb) my new children’s book comes out on Kindle: Deserts For Kids.

More For Kids books coming soon but not until my latest is edited to the point of wanting to throw it out of the window! Kidding-honest!

Keep smiling and have a great rest of the week.