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Rewriting History – Possibly!



I’ve been researching my family tree in the last week and I have made some amazing discoveries.

There were relatives that I’ve never heard mentioned, people in England, Australia, Canada and the USA.

A lot of my ancestors had the same Christian names, which was a bit confusing at times!


It’s a fascinating and illuminating project – one that I’ll keep dipping in to – I love history anyway but to see to see even the slightest details of their lives is wonderful.


My inner writer didn’t hesitate to create scenes in my mind.

For instance, my great grandmother lost one child whilst pregnant with another in 1914.

Imagine the conflict of emotions, the grief, the expectation, the hope, the loss, the pain, the nervous joy – and then WW1 and its tragedies.

There was a great great uncle who emigrated in 1891 at the age of 13, alone, to Canada from England.

My minds eye saw his excitement and trepidation, the hunger to see a new world, the knowledge that he may not see his sister (my great great grandmother) again.

He married, had children and was a reverend. There was no record of a return to England so I think that emigrating worked really well for him.

One of his descendants married a poet…It seems that I’m not the only writer in the expanding extended family tree.


I approached the research as a family history project but it is fabulous how many ideas, possible plots, outcomes, tales and conjectures are just asking to be written as if somehow my ancestors appeared in snapshots to me and that they have helpfully spurred on my creativity.

I may not have all of the historical details but I can certainly tell a story and what better and unexpected inspiration can there be than in the past that made me – A creative sapling on that centuries old tree.


Have a great week!


Full length novel and

Full length novel and


Me, historical bookworm!

Good news blogging peeps.


I’ve got a tribute poem about WW1 accepted for an anthology that will be released 31st October.

Although not one of the brave people around 100 years ago will know about the poem I felt that from me a poem was a fine way to give my respect and honour those who gave so so much so that I could sit here and enjoy life.


The website is still a work in progress; I’ll let you know when it’s live.


The other side of writing is reading and I have been devouring a book on Madame Pompadour – Louis XV of France’s mistress, and in that book Voltaire is mentioned so I, intrigued, have downloaded his Letters on England which I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

After Voltaire, I’ll be reading a book on Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI of France…


Isn’t it funny how one book leads to another?!

I guess this summer will be spent in French history!


The great news is that I love history as much as reading.


And there’ll be a lot of writing going on too, writing is like breathing, I’ve just gotta do it!



You call me a weed

I might be a flower

You just don’t love me.


Have a fab day





So far, so good!


It’s been a few months now since I started to write professionally and without tempting fate…so far, so good.

I must think, and have thought, that I have the ability to be a writer and yet whenever a piece of work gets placed or an editor is kind enough to say that a story doesn’t require much editing or they take time to explain how something could be made stronger before they hopefully accept it, I am genuinely amazed.

I wasn’t born arrogant and so I don’t assume that editors will be bound to accept my work, I am not naive enough to think that they are sat there waiting for my story/article/verse to land on their desks to proclaim it a masterpiece and for every single yes there are a ton of no’s, as most writers know.

It’s not an easy business to be in, but the love of writing can move mountains.

So, I am a very grateful person, I am pushing ahead, working hard and making the dream a reality…with a lot of miracles and help from above.

Whatever you aspire to do, take a deep breath and try to do it…It’s really rewarding to your soul!!

Trust me, this comes from someone who had 0% confidence a year ago.