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I love researching!



I’ve been having fun researching for the book that I’m working on – The Royal Race of 1818.

I was so pleased to find books and information online BUT I practically did a jig of joy when I came across newspaper articles from 1818 that gave me contemporary reports of two royal weddings, who attended, what they wore, where they went on honeymoon…it was a real step back in to history and it was fabulous.


I found political records too and pages of wordy condolences from the various councils in Britain after the death of the Prince Regent’s daughter, Princess Charlotte of Wales.

All of these articles are obviously approaching two hundred years old but I could feel the reverence and duty, the sadness and uncertainty of the nation’s future.

I am still researching so who knows how many more historical gems I’ll find and marvel at.

Have a great rest of the day. If anyone wants me I’ll be in 1818 Regency Britain!



Chillax, Read, Walk, Rest…Repeat


I have been doing something in the last few days that I don’t normally do…NO WRITING!!!

As I finished one project I realised that to leap straight in to another one would not give my brain and creativity a break so I’ve been strict with myself. No writing anything – on purpose for four days – I bravely jumped off the industrious treadmill.

(OK, I’ll admit to writing a poem on Sunday! Guilty as charged.)

I get so busy working that I sometimes forget to remember that my brain might just like a rest, a change of scene, a something out of the ordinary…and that’s what I’ve been giving it. Time off.

I have to remind myself as I recover from the OCD/PTSD that my mental strength is a work in progress and that although THANK GOD I’m nowhere near as fragile as I was I still have to be mindful – excuse the pun – that overworking the brain does me no favours short or long term.

Same for people who have their mental health in what they think is A1 condition, if you don’t take time off sometimes and remove the strains then there is a probability that your brain will go ping. You need to take time to reconnect with you.

So, I’ve walked in the sun, shopped in the rain, had my hair done, read some fab fiction and just tried to relax without lingering too long on thoughts of the next book, the chapter content, the research etc.

The nagging OCD voice wants me to work but it isn’t blaring as it once used to, so I can relax more these days…when I remember to!

Right now, I am typing this, earlier I wrote a children’s story and tomorrow I’ll start my book and will probably get so immersed in the project that it’ll be another month before I take a whole day off.

This afternoon is a half day off.

The plan reads: Chillax to the max.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not ridiculously keen to get back to my beloved writing!

Take care peeps.


Words, words, words


girl-308360_640Just to keep you up to date – because I know that you wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing ha ha – I am in the final stages of editing my book on Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb.

Out on Amazon Kindle 31st May.

I am reading a detective novel AND a biography on the Hollywood and dance legend Fred Astaire (it would have been his birthday last Sunday) AND I’m researching my next book The Royal Race of 1818. Out on 31st July 2015. Think reading in rotation.


Anyone got any brain cells and eyes to spare?! I have a lot of words in front of me, rough count a zillion.

Can you tell that I never ever ever get bored? (Well I did once, it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t like being bored so decided not to be again.)

Um, why am I asking questions? Dunno.

BTW I’ve nailed a few more O.C.D. rituals too so whahoooo!

Have a fab day and weekend, treat yourself to a gift, be nice to yourself and take time to smile.




Snow joke!


I’m British, that means I’m genetically disposed to discuss the weather…apparently!





Anyway, here I am in southern England, the sun’s shining timidly and it’s a lovely spring day MEANWHILE my sister has woken up in Canada to a dusting of snow. I know where I’d rather be.

I think I’d:

a. cry

b. retreat to the duvet

c. both of the above, whilst eating a ton of chocolate


if I woke up to snow on the 11th May…it’s nearly the longest day of the year…there shouldn’t be snowflakes with the cornflakes!


Anyway, I’ve had a fab editing my latest book day.

I’ve also decided what my next book will be about and I might just go for a springy stroll later unlike my sister who’ll be snowgliding to work. LOL.

Have a fab day, whatever the weather.




Crikey – that was today then!



Well, I’m not a fan of politics (read: normally would rather pull my eyelashes out one by one) but this General Election in the U.K. has been a bit of an eye opener.

The “experts” thought that Cameron vs. Miliband would be a close run race and that a coalition government was almost a certainty.

Experts scmexperts! Cameron’s in for another term and the other leaders have resigned SO whatever people wanted from their vote the political landscape will inevitably change with new bods running three of the main parties. BUT the way I see it, if you don’t vote you can’t really spend the next five years of the whoever-it-is government moaning about them…you should have voted.


It’s the V.E. Day celebration/commemoration this weekend. War is such a waste of life and what might have been, we should never forget the sacrifices made so that we can have such freedom today.

Let’s hope that there’s never another war…yes, a gargantuan miracle.

I was inspired to write this tanka earlier…


Click to view

Politics often

A showstopping farce, it pales

At a cenotaph 

Comrades of seventy years  

Real heroes, victors to hail


Meanwhile, back at my desk, I’m still editing Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb and I aim to finish reading a book about Queen Mary this weekend and then I will pootle over to a fiction book, probably a detective story set at the turn of the century. That is unless another tempting book lures me away!


My therapist saw me for the first time in 3 months yesterday (she was in Asia) and she seems happy enough…after the well done’s the inevitable “what next?” followed. As if I didn’t know it was coming ha ha so I have set several “overcome the O.C.D.” goals this month…

“Look out OCD gremlins…I’m coming to get yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


Have fun!


What Kind Of Reader Are You?

I love this too, fab to reblog…I’m a polygamist with a hint of atruist reader.
Enjoy your reading whichever category you fall in to! :-)X

What a week – Not a geek!


It’s a bank holiday weekend and it’s raining…I’m feigning surprise! but actually I don’t care about the weather because I have been in full on research and write a first draft mode since last Monday and the first draft was completed about two hours ago.

My brain loves to learn, probably things that most people would reply with “why do you want/need to know that??” but I seem to soak up information like a sponge. YAY! Particularly history, royalty and people facts.

I can spend hours reading about a subject and then from that write about it. Very few things make me happier in the world of writing non fiction that to translate aquired knowledge in to a Joanne Hayle book.

I realised that my “project approach” has been with me since I was a child, perhaps it’s innate, I didn’t have to develop research skills or force myself to learn.

Please love this fact and not want to hit me over the head with a book but in the long school holidays I would read up about something and then write about the subject. I remember one on Elizabeth I and another on the US states. This was as well as the playing, bike riding, visiting relatives etc. It was my normal.

I didn’t feel geeky either, I was too busy learning such fabulous things that I didn’t think that I needed to reproach myself if it wasn’t what other people did or thought was cool.

I guess that childhood attitudes stick in some areas of life because now I do what I love for a living and if people don’t think that’s great then they’re missing the point. I have writing projects that enrich me and sometimes make me reassess how things work.

The message being: Be true to yourself and be who you need to be not what other’s might say you should be. 

Just think, if I’d stopped doing those projects as a kid then I would not have developed the passion and the work ethic that I have now and that is one scary thought!

Anyway, a quick plug for the work in progress:

Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know: The Passionate and Public Affair That Scandalised Regency England

Out 31st May on Amazon – You can pre-order now. byron rose2 Have a great week – guess what? I’ll be editing – hopefully in the spring sunshine! Deluded? Moi?

Joanne X