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Special Offer On Book – Out Today



Hi everyone

From Dukes to Barons – Everything that you ever needed to know about British titles and the honours system – in the present and in history – in one easy to read and informative book.

Have you ever wondered what the British aristocracy’s titles are, how and when they were created, what their social history is?
What do these people wear on ceremonial occasions?
What are the Orders of the Bath and the Order of Merit and why are they different to the Order of the Garter?
Which titles have become extinct and why?

Do present day Dukes and Earls live in fairytale castles or do they have jobs like the rest of us?
Life peers outnumber hereditary peers in the House of Lords? Why and who are these life peers?

Find out about M.B.E’s, O.B.E’s and C.B.E’s, knighthoods, damehoods, and other chivalric orders that date back hundreds of years.

Here’s a few interesting facts as a taster…

Her Majesty the Queen is the Duke (not the Duchess) of Lancaster. Why?
Prince Charles is the Grand Master of what order?
The Duke of Leinster is the premier Duke of Ireland – he lives in Oxfordshire, England. Why?
The Earl of Cadogan is one of the wealthiest people in Britain – how did the family make their fortune?

A number of titles were invented to give Charles II’s illegitimate children status. But which ones?
In 1917 a number of royals found themselves retitled but not to the same rank as they’d held before World War One. Why and who were they?
Why did people refuse particular honours? e.g. Winston Churchill.
Who has been stripped of their honours?

This book gives you the answers and many many more interesting facts about honours in British history.



REMEMBER: You don’t need a Kindle to read this book, simply download the app!


Thank you, Joanne.







Majesty – Promote Yourself

Hi, just thought I’d pop this on my blog to welcome spring…clocks change here tonight so OFFICIALLY not winter any more after that! It’ll still be raining though. Surprise surprise;-)X

Proud trumpets of daffodils on diases of green bathe

In shafts of sunlight through the window pane glazed

Flowers discreet but radiant. Sublime, reigning supreme


On the lounge table they sit, jewels in winter but a dream

From their crystal blue vase they cheer the room

Even in the late evening they majestically bloom


Outside, plentiful daffodils, their comrades, to cool music sway

Their sworn duty to chase the last frosts out of sight, far away

Whether indoors or out, listen closely as their trumpets play a fanfare soft

Announcing that to new life and spring they point with their heads aloft.

Joanne Hayle

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Finished – Bring on the treats!


So, the book is fully edited ahead of the deadline and the Amazon bods have done their work…it’ll go on sale on 31st March. People are still pre-ordering which is pretty awesome! Grateful.


Only when I finished my book did I give myself a treat and rest the brain day, it started with a lie in and I got my hair cut, the job that I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks because it’s been all about the book…it felt sooooooooooo much better, tidy, textured…I could have kissed the stylist but THAT would have been just a tiny bit wierd🙂

Instead I bought myself rewards.

Apart from my book I have been killing off more OCD rituals and analysing the why’s for the what’s that I do – that works on a “face the fear = reward” basis. Like loyalty points in stores.

So, as spring is sauntering in to being I bought a few new tops, one is white with the butterly designs in relief so for want of a much better desciption it is a butterfly doily top!

One of the others has the words “C’est la belle vie” printed over the flowery design.

You know what? I realised on the way home that when I was very depressed the only way that I’d have bought a top with a message like that on it was if I felt like being sour and sarcastic. Now? I can say it and wear it, honestly and with pride which gets a big fat YIPPPEEEEEE from me.

After a day of indulgent treats I enjoyed a takeaway, sloped off to bed and woke up to see the solar eclipse this morning. Cool. An eclipse always reminds me how tiny we are in the universe. If the sun didn’t show up or the moon decided to park itself in front of the sun that would make us has-been life forms in an instant. Ooooooheeeerrrrrrr.

After the eclipse we’ve had a bright sunny life affirming kind of a day.

Have a great weekend and remember to treat yourself for your achievements.

Now, what to work on next…I’m thinking, I’m thinking…




Editing Info and Poetry!


Give it a couple more days and my book will be finished: written, edited and uploaded to the Amazon pixies who’ll work their magic.

I wrote this poem after about five hours editing today…some times a person just has to WRITE!



Crikey, there’s no disputing

With all my recent book editing

That my poetic self is fidgeting

Some might think unused it’ll be disappearing

But no fear, in verse I’ve been yearning

To create lines of expression rhyming

Suppress the poetic urge, but it’s fruitless denying

That for my attention it’s always vying

Like a child on e-numbers but not annoying

To my heart poetry is lovingly calling

In words delicious it wants to be feasting

Creating, soothing, bathing, never destroying

So, factual sentences for the day snoozing

On my hard drive and memory stick snoring

My brain has danced around words alluring

And swirled in a poetic trance exhilarating

This poem has been written, merrily flowing

To leave the writer and reader’s soul’s glowing.


And tomorrow…you guessed it, more editing…if my brain cell doesn’t spontaneously combust. LOL.




Outta My Mind


Besides my all consuming book editing I have just caught up on recent blog posts that I follow.

There’s a lot talent out there, thanks for blogging.

And so on to my fun rant of the day! bicker

A writing community website that I look at frequently had the dubious honour of witnessing an argument between two writers in the last few days.

While it is not worth condoning their exchange I found myself laughing quietly at the ever more wordy diatribes. When writers have a spat, well, it’s an education…

The two gentleman were not just vying for the prize of the largest ego and declaring their rival was lacking in talent, even to the point of naming their publishers, their language was suggesting that:

a. Apart from their colourful language, they were checking dictionaries for the longest words they could find to launch their written missiles in a ridiculous game of one-upmanship.

b. Words are weapons in the wrong hands, one can only hope that they understood the meaning of ALL the words that they were using.

c. No matter how large your ego is, how much in royalties you earn from your book, who has the most prestigious publisher, how you dress up “constructive” criticism sometimes what you write is no more than an insult.

BUT most of all when people make the mistake of taking themselves too seriously and therefore abuse their gift, in this case their writing ability, it reveals the lack of respect to their fellow human, the misapprehensions that they labour under and it leads to a stormy reminder that rather than knocking others talents we could and should be grateful and supportive instead.

A war of words BENEFITS NOBODY no matter what language, genre or market you aim for.

Now for something lighter:


Outta My Mind

I’ve been working on my book

My head feels like I gave it a right hook

I’m almost, but not quite, out of words

I know it sounds daft, positively absurd

But I think I’ll dream about my subject

In Technicolor tonight until I roundly object

Tomorrow morn with zeal anew

I’ll edit on and immerse myself in word stew

But about it I’m really rather excited

My enthusiasm cannot been blighted

Real unknown people have pre-ordered it

Which frankly, sent me outta my mind for a bit! 

Yep, I am sooooooooo loving being a writer bod! 🙂

Have fun, ENJOY life and your talents and don’t get into any online arguments 😉


Chicken soup for the soul A.K.A Hooray!


I think that I, with a lot of support, have come a looooooonng way…

My therapist is away in Asia until May but I sent her an e-mail update on my recovery process yesterday.

Although it would be tempting to sit back and have a therapy break and not to keep pushing the pesky rituals away (over a metaphorical cliff!) I know that no progress is made by inactivity so I’m happy to say that I’ve kept on marching and killing off or diminishing habits and I’ve been reading self help books to top up the positive and encouaging messages that normally come from her during our sessions.

To heal you have to face your fears. It’s the only way.

I realised as I wrote the e-mail to her that things that had seemed 100% impossible to overcome two years ago, one year ago, even six weeks ago, have been overcome. I have the power over them once more. Thank God.

Some of the restrictions that I thought were mine forever are no more, some of the chains still need some work before they can be broken.

In OCD terms I had a hand washing ritual.

A year ago I could use one bar of soap in a twenty four hour period. I had to to feel “safe” BUT the ritual reinforces the message to the brain that the washes actually needed to occur for me to be safe.

Today, one bar of soap can last for ten days, that’s with me using it like someone almost without OCD would do. I still soap three times each wash…work in progress…but I no longer feel that my life is being washed away.

So, despite the protests of that little voice of doubt in my darkest hours there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and the freedom that ritual busting has given me means that I can invest more of my brain time and energy in my writing and creativity, not all consuming fear.

This week I’ll be editing. BTW I have pre-orders for my book out 31st March on Amazon. THAT’S AMAZING to me. Of all the books in all the world people not only choose to buy or borrow mine but to pre-order too.

Sorry to gush but I am so grateful for the happy surprises that happen. Remember, a year ago where I am now seemed impossible – instead of “I’d love to write for a living.” “I DO write for a living.”

Have a great week