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Today’s inspiration, tomorrow’s published!


The temperatures seem to have dipped so it’s a woolly jumper kind of a day – I can do creative and woolly though so it’s all good!

This is a haiku I wrote today inspired by the leafy chaos in the park, I thought that I’d share it…

Strong beau, sweep me up

 Murmured the leaves to the broom

Lost beau was a rake!

And huge thanks to Morgen Bailey who has used one of my “spread the word” poems: It┬ácan be found via this link:

I am editing a short story at the moment that’s based in Spring and I sent a children’s Christmas story ready for upload in December to an editor this afternoon.

Talk about season hopping!

Have a great week, stay warm or cool depending on where you are and with joy I can tell you that there are only 51 days left until Christmas…ho, ho, ho! (Don’t groan!!)

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