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I’ve done it!

snowman-160868_640Poppy field --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisHi


I’ve taken the plunge, I’ve put my money where my mouth is, I’ve risen to the challenge and any other cliches that you want to add…I’ve entered one of my poems in to a pay to enter competition!

Until now I’ve entered only free competitions to see how my work performs under pressure and scrutiny and it’s not done too badly.

No wins but no sense of “why did I bother? Am I MAD?” either so I’ve decided today that I may as well take the next step and enter a pay to enter, larger prize competition.

Moreover, I won’t let that little voice in my head say that I’ve probably just wasted my money or that the poem possibly has no chance of achieving any sort of prize – No, I’ve just been brave and that is a big fat juicy something in life that doesn’t have a pricetag.

The results won’t be out for a couple of months but at least I’ve entered and the rest is up to the judges.


Happy writing peeps!