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Tornado and the weekend



Here we are at another weekend, another cold one here in the UK and I’m yearning for Spring, I love to see nature coming back to life and to feel the sun getting warmer.

It’s a hibernating weekend for me, reading fab books by the fireside and indulging in some edible treats.

I won’t be wearing a snowman onesie though, that would be a step too far!

I’ve spent most of today placing my recent books on to online retailers. I can only hope that the right cover has been uploaded with the correct text each time. Fingers crossed or I may get an e-mail asking why my Charles Dickens book only contains information on Tolstoy. Uh oh:-)

I’ve also taken a piece of flash fiction and turned it into a poem. It’s not based on reality, thankfully, although someone who read it did suggest an appropriate place to stick the door handle if it was real – Cheeky!

I hope you enjoy it.


In my head structures torn down, a tornado

Monoliths had been embedded moments ago

He’s not dedicated to us, a lost cause, no hope found

Twenty odd years of history razed to the ground

With his cologne filled air of self satisfied finality

I’m stunned, powerless, cut down cruelly


He tells me that I can rebuild my new life with zeal

Find love with someone who has more appeal

I try to believe that I’ll be better without him

As he insists it will be so I try to submit to his whim

He opens the door and goes without looking back

My name isn’t etched on his heart, it’s on the rack

He worships and loves her, Helen.

I’m the discarded ruin, Katherine.

Have a great weekend.



My brain hurts!



It’s Monday already, Christmas is over a month ago and I am eagerly awaiting spring…shame that there’s snow forecast for midweek, hey ho.

Still, from my laptop I can write myself anywhere, hot or cold so I can’t really complain.

The last week has been interesting. I have been looking inwards to answer some questions to help my OCD to diminish further.

I had to determine whether the OCD came from a guilt base or a shame base for my therapist. We’ve tackled guilt before, the guilt that I couldn’t make the bad situations vanish or resolve them to my satifaction but there was still “something” lurking in the back of my mind, and that undefined something was helping the OCD rituals to hang around, albeit in their less aggressive form.

I deliberated, cogitated, banged my head on a brick wall (kidding!) and finally settled on shame. It’s a subconcious rather than conscious feeling.

I go about each day getting on with my life,not beating myself up about the past too much BUT obviously my self concious was holding me back from the freedom to have peace of mind restored.

OCD is protecting yourself, therefore I was and am still protecting me from the past, the shame and the fear of the future.

Here’s the good news…It’s fixable, with effort, a whole ton of effort!

I have now embarked on the tricky journey of reprogramming my brain to accept that the events of the past were dealt with by me to the best of my abilities and that the situations were beyond my control (short of time travel and mind control devices) so that I have the chance to make peace with myself conciously and suconsciously.

All the introspection over the last couple of years has made me discover who I really am and not the person who tried to people please or be as someone else expected, at my own risk. It’s not always easy but it is soul building and spirit enhancing.

Meanwhile, I am still writing a lot and it never ceases to amaze me that inspiration keeps on coming from the ether. Grateful too.

I have just finished reading a book written by the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, it was a friendly flowing read, War and Peace is ongoing and I have discovered a 1935 murder mystery, The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude which is intriguing, the question is…whodunnit?!

Have a fab week and Happy Australia Day.



Recipe For Happiness

I love this! Have a great weekend :-)X

Double Your Presence (Ver 1.6)

One of my new decor for my room which I got from my vacation! Hope it made you smile as it did for me 😉

Your pal,
David Long


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Chekov’ed My To Do List


Sorry, seriously bad pun in the title 😉

While I was researching Robert Burns I found out that Anton Chekov’s birthday is 29th January.

Intrigued, I investigated this Russian literary legend, reread The Cherry Orchard and as I’ve written about Jane Austen and Robert Burns it seemed perfectly rational to follow the A, B, C and write 101 Interesting Facts About Anton Chekov.

I learn so much by researching facts for these books. While we may know the literary works and believe that the tales are within the writing as the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. 

These people who we respect and revere or choose not to appreciate have had lives – I know, it’s a revelation!!

All the good, bad and indifferent that causes light and shade in our lives affected these people too. Some of their experiences don’t make it into their writing but they’ll have been felt just as sharply as we feel loss, success, fear etc. now.

People are incredibly interesting, past, present or future and almost everyone has an extraordinary tale to tell.

If only I had time to write everyone’s life stories down!

Apart from Chekov I was really pleased that I made a shortlist again in a poetry competition and I am honoured that Children’s Stories Net ( have made my story Chuckles Nose their story of the week.

Believe me when I say that I’m not boasting but very grateful. It’s been a long journey from the OCD/PTSD grabbing my life and aspirations by the throat to here…that proverbial tunnel has light at the end of it.

Have fun and enjoy life.



Full Time Again


Can you believe it? Today is the 8th January already and Christmas seems like a distant memory.

This week I’ve gone back to being a full time writer instead of the part time one that I’ve been over the last few festive weeks.

I know that a lot of people groaned at the thought of returning to work on 5th January but I found that all the relaxation time and reading that I’d enjoyed had enabled my brain to refresh itself so that I could hit the ground running on Monday.

This week I’ve produced two short books on Robert Burns, the Scottish songwriter, poet and legend for anyone who is interested in the Burns Night celebrations on 25th January and about his life.

I love history and I love finding out about people so these books have been a joy to work on.

Whilst researching and writing I’ve felt energised, invigorated and you know what? Writing can be really hard work but it’s a labour of love and an undeniable blessing to be able to do this each day.

I’ve been finishing my work days tired but eager to start again the next morning.

Eating meals, in the shower, when I wake up, the fragments of what needs to be written pull together in a magical process and then the laptop and I get absorbed and lose track of time.

Although it was good to be a part-timer for a while I enjoy being a full time writer more. I missed the buzz and the frenzy of brain activity.

Moreover, a year ago the OCD and PTSD were taking up a lot of my time but as the treatment has progressed I have been accruing more me time and my creative thoughts dominate the fear thoughts of the illnesses these days…that’s a gift that simply can’t be bought. It is divine and liberating.


Have a fabulous and productive week.




RB Covers BlogRobert Burns 101 Interesting Facts is available exclusively on Amazon for purchase and from the lending library/Kindle Unlimited.

Also available via Smashwords: Robert Burns – A Mini Biography. 

Writing and Convalescing Cats




This cute little fella is my sister’s cat Hugh, he had an operation just before Christmas, poor little love and has slept a lot of the festive season. Adorable even when convalescing. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year for all humans, cats and other inhabitants of planet Earth!

I somehow managed to get another book published this week.

I say somehow because I was meant to be having a not writing work stuff break until the 5th January but once I had the idea and got started I kept on going and then tweeking and editing and adding images so Royal Baby Names is now published. (I don’t like leaving things unfinished when they can be completed.)

I may have to ban myself from going near my laptop/pen and paper until Monday so that I do actually stop writing again for a few days…or I could just write a quick poem or a children’s story or, or, or….

I guess I love writing too much not to let the words flow from me and that’s a FABULOUS “problem” to have:-)

And I was thrilled that I sold my first copy of Rosalind on Smashwords yesterday, a nice start to the year.

Enjoy the weekend.