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Turn the volume down!!


It’s been interesting trying to be creative with builders working next door, their radio blares louder than their hammering and because the house was gutted for refurb the noise echoes!

But, whilst playing the theme to Bob The Builder (Youtube if you’re not familiar with Bob!) in an act of retaliation I have managed to get a sizeable chunk of writing done…Yay!!!

The below goes to show how “in the zone” I was whilst writing…Yesterday afternoon I drafted a children’s book on planets…I actually wrote this and only realised how funny it sounded when I was reading it back…

Uranus, a gassy giant, is next in line to see

Winds blow up to 250 metres per second. Goodness me!

Space-people don’t stop for picnics on Uranus

They might get blown away and that would cause such a fuss!

I guess that when I’m in my full on creative zone I don’t note the obvious double entendres!

That’s why editing was invented – Thank goodness!!

Have a great Halloween…trick or treaters don’t usually come to our street…Are we too spoooooky??!!

We get new neighbours on Saturday, they’ve gotta be quieter than a team of builders.

I am now going to wrk on plot outlining for a fiction project…the inspiration is brewing something intriguing!



Oooh scary!


I have spent time this morning challenging my O.C.D. rituals, you know, the soaping and the needing to feel safe and clean stuff that arrived with the PTSD, well I had to pluck up courage and fire bullet holes in to a few rituals knowing that it would set off my anxiety.

It isn’t easy but what I’ve learned as I’ve been doing this over the last year or so with the help of a fab therapist is that people are stronger than they think, I am stronger than I thought.

Each and every time I vanquish a ritual I have to let the anxiety throw a fit in my brain and ignore it and not give in to it’s fear and by facing the fear of what might happen if I don’t do a particular ritual I can free myself a bit more from the metaphorical quicksand. Freedom should never be underrated.

So, having tortured myself for medical purposes and feeling pleased that the horrible bit of the day is over – except for the last remnants of my anxiety jumping around in my head – I am going to start writing for the afternoon, the perfect antidote to all ills.

I wrote this haiku earlier to bouy me up, hope you like it!

Twigs crack, snap and fall

Branches severed by high winds 

Trunk feels all, fights on

Have a fab day and remember, you are stronger than you think!



Bits and Pieces


They say that variety is the spice of life and after this week I believe it!

Apart from reading the shorter books on my Kindle ready for me to really get in to War and Peace…

I’ve been working on getting some of my e-books in to a printed format which was a bit daunting but a lot of fun.

I wrote a Hallowe’en poem and a Christmas children’s story within a couple of hours of each other, a seasonal literary shift with only lunch to separate them!

I’ve also written another preschool/kindergarten children’s story and published that as an e-book.

And, in case you were thinking “oooh what a show off!!” I also wrote a children’s story that when I returned to it the next day I thought that was pants to give it a really technical phrase! and I immediately and ruthlessly deleted it and rewrote it. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind!

I was shortlisted for a competition too – top three apparently – soooo close and yet soooo far from the prize! Hey ho.

I actually managed to oversleep a little on two mornings this week – I think it’s the darker autumn mornings that are to blame and it’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the words willpower, sleepy and cosy!! Actually, I think it’s thanks to the anxiety disorders getting sorted too, that makes sleep SO much easier!

Next week I shall be editing like a ninja – as long as my duvet and I find a way to separate! 😉

Have a fab weekend.


Getting things done


I seem to have been here, there and everywhere lately!

Last week I set about completing all the tasks on my to do list that needed appointments, my incentive being that last week was warm and sunny and now autumn has arrived so it was better and wiser to do things early.

So, among others, I saw my hairdresser – felt so much better for having my hair done.I went to the dentist for a check up – for the first time in ages as my OCD wouldn’t let me go for a couple of years because it was scared of what might happen – and as a reward I also indulged in a little bit of retail therapy. Well, it would’ve been mean not to!!

This will sound the oddest thing to a non OCD/PTSDer but last week also marked the first time in a few years when I’d gone out for three days. These illnesses and their associated fear can keep you indoors and it was liberating to just say “no, not going with any fear, I need to do these job and I AM going to do them.” And I did!!

The real world and I saw a lot of each other and I got the last of the summerish weather. What’s not to love?

Meanwhile, the writing continues, although I think that I am going to have to record a message to myself!!!

Let me explain.

Whenever I finish a piece I start to think about what to do next, this leads to me somehow worrying that nothing will come to me or that of the ideas that do come up I’ll pick the wrong one and tell myself off for not picking one of the other ideas.

Ah, that little brain cell voice does like to natter on, doesn’t it?!

The message would be something like this: “You spent time wondering and this morning you woke up with a great idea to work with that hadn’t occured to you yesterday. The other pieces will get written if you want them to, just not now. CHILL!!!”

It’s a fact that the last few ideas that have appeared have been stronger than my previous days options and I’ve set to work on this new arrival first and eagerly.

Also, whilst inspiration can’t be taken for granted and it needs a nudge, fretting really is a pointless exercise!!

Have fun, I’m off to write another (hopeful) masterpiece!! 😉