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Turn the volume down!!


It’s been interesting trying to be creative with builders working next door, their radio blares louder than their hammering and because the house was gutted for refurb the noise echoes!

But, whilst playing the theme to Bob The Builder (Youtube if you’re not familiar with Bob!) in an act of retaliation I have managed to get a sizeable chunk of writing done…Yay!!!

The below goes to show how “in the zone” I was whilst writing…Yesterday afternoon I drafted a children’s book on planets…I actually wrote this and only realised how funny it sounded when I was reading it back…

Uranus, a gassy giant, is next in line to see

Winds blow up to 250 metres per second. Goodness me!

Space-people don’t stop for picnics on Uranus

They might get blown away and that would cause such a fuss!

I guess that when I’m in my full on creative zone I don’t note the obvious double entendres!

That’s why editing was invented – Thank goodness!!

Have a great Halloween…trick or treaters don’t usually come to our street…Are we too spoooooky??!!

We get new neighbours on Saturday, they’ve gotta be quieter than a team of builders.

I am now going to wrk on plot outlining for a fiction project…the inspiration is brewing something intriguing!