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Happy Saturday!


I hope you’re having a great weekend.


I’ve had a great week doing freelance writing work, proofreading and indexing for a few clients. I’ve blogged about technology, written an article on Britain in 2015 and worked on tightening a children’s history book.

Variety is the spice of life…love it, love it, love it!

Alongside this I’ve been structuring and researching for my next royal book so my brain is currently lying in a hammock having a rest…no really!

A fantastic stress relieving tecnique which relates back to what I was told to do by my therapist a couple of years ago…to have fun ON PURPOSE… for example, yesterday I went on to Youtube and played the following fine examples of culture:

The Muppet Show theme

Manaham Na Na Na Na Na

And Beaker doing Ode to Joy!

We’ll I’d been concentrating for hours and every brain cell needed a rest, I think everyone should have their own designated five minute ha ha break in a work day.

It’s fab for your health!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading this.








New work


Besides my writing projects for my books I have decided to offer my writing skills on Fiverr too.

As I love writing poetry and have had the honour (yay!) of being published several times I’ve taken the next step and write customised poetry for a special person or special event with orders placed on their site.

For people who don’t know Fiverr it is a website that has sellers and buyers of creative skills and business related tasks too. All charged at…you guessed it $5 per task or gig as they call it.

So, let’s see if anyone wants to take up the offer, I’ll let you know.

I realised that although book sales are thankfully do very well (GRATEFUL!!) that it would be nice to have another revenue stream available for the slower book sale months…they might also turn out to be slow months on Fiverr but as the saying goes you’ve got to be in it to win it.

It also gives me even more variety in my work days, the customers provide the inspiration and get a unique piece of work in return. It’s a win win.

I have said before that I like to be busy – yep, I do, some things never change – now I’m off to research some more info for my book.

Just for a change haha the weather in England is pants today…not at all summery. If you see a drenched, bedraggled but happy five foot four inches tall researcher…it’ll be me!

Have fun.








Don’t Miss Out!



Have you ever wondered what the British aristocracy’s titles are, how and when they were created, what their social history is?
What do these people wear on ceremonial occasions?
What are the Orders of the Bath and the Order of Merit and why are they different to the Order of the Garter?
Which titles have become extinct and why?

Do present day Dukes and Earls live in fairytale castles or do they have jobs like the rest of us?
Life peers outnumber hereditary peers in the House of Lords? Why and who are these life peers?
Find out about M.B.E’s, O.B.E’s and C.B.E’s, knighthoods, damehoods, and other chivalric orders that date back hundreds of years.

Here’s a few interesting facts as a taster…

Her Majesty the Queen is the Duke (not the Duchess) of Lancaster. Why?
Prince Charles is the Grand Master of what order?
The Duke of Leinster is the premier Duke of Ireland – he lives in Oxfordshire, England. Why?
The Earl of Cadogan is one of the wealthiest people in Britain – how did the family make their fortune?

A number of titles were invented to give Charles II’s illegitimate children status. But which ones?
In 1917 a number of royals found themselves retitled but not to the same rank as they’d held before World War One. Why and who were they?
Why did people refuse particular honours? e.g. Winston Churchill.
Who has been stripped of their honours?

This book gives you the answers and many many more interesting facts about honours in British history. So, if you want to learn more then please click BUY.

Most of all, please enjoy this book about British social history, heritage, culture and social graces.

$2.96 Offer Ends 15th April 2015

£1.99 Offer Ends 15th April 2015


This book is also available from Amazon in a printed book version for its full cost of $12.99/£8.72.

Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend, Joanne.

PS If you want to reblog this post, please do!! Or you can buy 100 copies, you know, if you want to!!

Big thanks. 🙂

Me, historical bookworm!

Good news blogging peeps.


I’ve got a tribute poem about WW1 accepted for an anthology that will be released 31st October.

Although not one of the brave people around 100 years ago will know about the poem I felt that from me a poem was a fine way to give my respect and honour those who gave so so much so that I could sit here and enjoy life.


The website is still a work in progress; I’ll let you know when it’s live.


The other side of writing is reading and I have been devouring a book on Madame Pompadour – Louis XV of France’s mistress, and in that book Voltaire is mentioned so I, intrigued, have downloaded his Letters on England which I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

After Voltaire, I’ll be reading a book on Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI of France…


Isn’t it funny how one book leads to another?!

I guess this summer will be spent in French history!


The great news is that I love history as much as reading.


And there’ll be a lot of writing going on too, writing is like breathing, I’ve just gotta do it!



You call me a weed

I might be a flower

You just don’t love me.


Have a fab day





It’s the little things…



I could have written a long wordy blog but the logo and banner say it all.

Take some time to have a read on the website and to think of a pledge to help make life better!

Thank you. TTC_TTTDay1

Snail Mail Submissions

                Today, as I glanced through one of the helpful writer/publisher guides I began to think that although my writing is typed, edited and professionally presented using technology and the internet has made research, and the world, smaller, that the submission process for manuscripts is peculiarly still in the last century for some publications.

I don’t know how it is around the world but I find it really odd that a number of UK publications won’t accept e-mail or enable online submissions. I know they won’t want spam but they presumably get a lot of junk mail…is there a difference?

It’s an added frustration for me as I can’t print and post manuscripts as my OCD/PTSD gets in the way (for now.) Think contamination!

Once, and only once, have I tried (bravely) explaining the reason for a non mail submission and asked if they would look at/consider my work. Intriguingly, one editor did and one point blank refused – in the same office!

             I can understand that policies have to be adhered to and I’m DEFINITELY not looking for the pity vote- that’s why I’ve not bothered to contact them or any of those snail mail submission publications again – and I guess that we could all find extenuating circumstances if we looked hard enough – but WHY aren’t more publications with great websites for their readership able to accept e-mail and online submissions? Let’s face it, a lot of the publications that only accept mail submissions reject via e-mail!!

**A massive plus point being that it’d save a few million trees a year too and editors might even see their desks again!

 Anyway, I have submitted online to another publication and I can only hope that the markets that I might have been able to go to enable e-mail/online submissions soon!

Happy writing! Happy reading!