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Nelson Mandela: “Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.”

I know I’ve taken the quote out of context for this poem but he was right!


Freedom is not always a matter of physical locks

Imprisonment is a question of the mind too

When my brain housed invisible locks and rocked

I was told a fact my belief system once refused

I laughed gently, scared, not truly meaning to mock

“The psychological response to emotional abuse

Is roughly the same as a prisoner of war’s.” That left me shocked

But I conceded defeat and accepted this news

I was, am, the untrained, expertise was not mine to knock

I had believed that I had no right to my fear and blues

I now believe that Post Traumatic is indeed a shock

But I’m happy to say I’ve been paying my dues

And memory by memory, my mind’s key is nearing the lock

Freedom is on its way and freedom is the path I choose.


I hope that everyone, all 6.5 billion plus of us on Planet Earth finds, loves and enjoys freedom mentally, spiritually and physically. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed…



Whilst reading and editing my next book and pootling about in desktop files (as you do) I’ve found this poem that I wrote about PTSD and freedom and I decided to share it.

Oh yeah, and please make it a mission to make someone smile, go on, you know you want to!




Big Kid!


I’m writing children’s stories at the moment.

It’s great forgetting the complex difficulties of being a grown up and just having fun writing about things like going to the shop, going to a party, smiling and playing.

My OCD appreciates days like this too.

No pressure, not too emotionally draining and it’s hard to be anxious when you are in a child’s mindset thinking how they think, seeing things for the first time, gently learning the rights and wrongs of life. If adults can be prone to thinking “glass half empty” then children and their imaginations are wired to the positive “glass half full” approach.

Sometimes, I think thatgrown ups would benefit from taking  a few minutes each day to just be a big kid…not in an annoying way…but just to watch as a butterfly flits from flower to flower, to appreciate the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread, an orange as it’s being peeled, to enjoy the feel of the breeze on your face as you run.

You get the idea…to reawaken ourselves to the appeal of things as if they are newly discovered.

And now, I’m going to pretend that I am a superhero cat and save someone.

Come on, join in, you know it sounds like fun!!!



Poll – Opinions wanted please:-)


Further to my last blog post…

A poll this time. Thanks for helping again! (Last question for now.) Joanne



Would you perceive someone who has a mental health issue as being weak in some way? PLEASE BE HONEST!!!


Thoughts for the day!

I had a thought earlier about the past and that led to another and another!
Thought 1
Concerned some people I no longer know but their attitudes, which they felt were enlightened were as narrow as they could be!
There is an expression “Ignorance is bliss.”
In some cases, perhaps,but in a lot of matters education and realising that you don’t know it all helps enormously!
Thought 2
Two responses to anxiety as an illness:
“If you are going mad, I’m leaving you.”
“Writers are meant to be odd and weird so they won’t notice that you have a problem.”
Respectful huh?!!! 
Thought 3
People in all walks of life, whatever their physical or mental state are NOT there to be ridiculed.
Compassion is better than ignoring someone (something) and people should try and get along.
Hopefully Mental Health Awareness Week has done a lot of good to open minds (and writers have the gift to communicate to help this too. Fingers crossed!)

And finally…
I read an interesting point the other day…A lot of people casually (dismissively?) think that they can write a book, as “everyone has got a book in them” but they wouldn’t dream of approaching an artist (painter/sculptor) stating that they’ve “definitely got a masterpiece in them!”

I love my inquiring, interested, engaged mind. It adores finding out new things, seeing new viewpoints and learning, I don’t see that ever changing.
I’d hate to have a closed mind, stuck to its misconceptions like a fly on flypaper!

The great news is that these thoughts from earlier turned in to a poem for my next anthology.

Have a great weekend.