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Don’t listen to the liar!



It’s really tough to remember that depression is a liar. Not a fibber, but a whopping great big, no holds barred, stinky phantom of lies. (And yes, its pants are on fire.)

It tells you that there is no hope, no point to anything, that you’re a waste of space, that you are a blight on other peoples lives…it wants you to believe that every single tomorrow that you have left in your life will be as miserable and energy sapping as today. Depression’s nasty little chemicals want to swamp you.

I’ve been there and I believed the lies for a long time. Too long.

Good news!!!! Today is better, brighter and more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. 

There was light at the end of the tunnel.

The hope was waiting for me to claim and embrace it.

Today, I know me better than I knew me before, what I need and want and feel.

Gone is the drained perennial people pleaser. Here to stay is the new me, the one that deserves to be happy and respected. Sure, it took counselling and a lot of introspection but the liar didn’t win the game. Truth did.


If you’re depressed please try to find the truth, not the lies that the illness wants you to think are the truth.

You are special.

You have unique qualities.

You have hope for tomorrow.

You are not alone.

You are not weak, pathetic or lacking…you’re suffering from an illness.


Jo X





Busy Bunny


Hope you’re enjoying your day.

I’ve had a great few weeks of writing and some fab progress with the O.C.D/P.T.S.D. treament.

I now have a series of quiz books on Amazon and one of my children’s stories is waiting to go live.

My poetry is getting very kind feedback. 

And we’ll just ignore the pesky rejection e-mails from magazine editors who aren’t feeling the love for my work this last week or so!

And the O.C.D/P.T.S.D progress? You know the multi soaping/multi hand washing thing that OCD’ers do to feel safe?

I have (thank God) managed to reduce that by over half in the last three weeks…that frees me up to do important things like writing! My time is my own not my wonky brain cell’s. YAY!!!!

Keep smiling, stay happy and remember you only get this day once!