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Brain drain


It’s been a while, time flies! I hope you missed me…what? you didn’t notice I’d been away…Charming!!

thJ7EILSRXAnyhow, I’ve been a busy bod freelance writing a lot of diet, fitness, superfood, exercise blogs and lifestyle articles…it’s amazing how you think you know a subject fairly well but there’s always more to learn! I’ve switched white bread for wholemeal and increased almond eating…apparently they are very good for you. I live, I learn.

It’s lovely when you get good feedback too, thank you to anyone who gives me a fab review, I appreciate the compliment and I know that you don’t have to comment. It’s great for the soul though.

What’s not good is that I’ve been naughty…slapped wrists time…I worked without taking a day off for almost two weeks and guess what? My brain and body kicked my butt! As much as I love a searing headache, feeling overtired and wrung out like an old dish cloth (NOT) I have to remember that my OCD, anxiety brain needs a rest or I’m playing double jeopardy with my recovery which thankfully has been very good these last few weeks. I’m fine now and lesson learned – the hard way. Hmmm.

I’ve also been working on a new book for my series Royal Rifts, this one is on Mary Queen of Scots and her marriages. Stormy! It will be out in the spring. Publication date to follow.

Well, that’s me, and my brain and writing life for the last few weeks so take care and remember to rest your brain cells. They’ll be glad you did!




Crikey – that was today then!



Well, I’m not a fan of politics (read: normally would rather pull my eyelashes out one by one) but this General Election in the U.K. has been a bit of an eye opener.

The “experts” thought that Cameron vs. Miliband would be a close run race and that a coalition government was almost a certainty.

Experts scmexperts! Cameron’s in for another term and the other leaders have resigned SO whatever people wanted from their vote the political landscape will inevitably change with new bods running three of the main parties. BUT the way I see it, if you don’t vote you can’t really spend the next five years of the whoever-it-is government moaning about them…you should have voted.


It’s the V.E. Day celebration/commemoration this weekend. War is such a waste of life and what might have been, we should never forget the sacrifices made so that we can have such freedom today.

Let’s hope that there’s never another war…yes, a gargantuan miracle.

I was inspired to write this tanka earlier…


Click to view

Politics often

A showstopping farce, it pales

At a cenotaph 

Comrades of seventy years  

Real heroes, victors to hail


Meanwhile, back at my desk, I’m still editing Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb and I aim to finish reading a book about Queen Mary this weekend and then I will pootle over to a fiction book, probably a detective story set at the turn of the century. That is unless another tempting book lures me away!


My therapist saw me for the first time in 3 months yesterday (she was in Asia) and she seems happy enough…after the well done’s the inevitable “what next?” followed. As if I didn’t know it was coming ha ha so I have set several “overcome the O.C.D.” goals this month…

“Look out OCD gremlins…I’m coming to get yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


Have fun!


Me, historical bookworm!

Good news blogging peeps.


I’ve got a tribute poem about WW1 accepted for an anthology that will be released 31st October.

Although not one of the brave people around 100 years ago will know about the poem I felt that from me a poem was a fine way to give my respect and honour those who gave so so much so that I could sit here and enjoy life.


The website is still a work in progress; I’ll let you know when it’s live.


The other side of writing is reading and I have been devouring a book on Madame Pompadour – Louis XV of France’s mistress, and in that book Voltaire is mentioned so I, intrigued, have downloaded his Letters on England which I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

After Voltaire, I’ll be reading a book on Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI of France…


Isn’t it funny how one book leads to another?!

I guess this summer will be spent in French history!


The great news is that I love history as much as reading.


And there’ll be a lot of writing going on too, writing is like breathing, I’ve just gotta do it!



You call me a weed

I might be a flower

You just don’t love me.


Have a fab day





What To Write??


One of my first thoughts this morning after, “I need caffeine!” was what shall I do/write today?

Was I in a fiction or non fiction mood?
A poetic mood?
A write all day lost in my imagination mood?
An editing mood?
A business mood?

Decisions, decisions! But a wonderful sort of a puzzle too!

You see, I finished a story last night and it is resting before I edit it. (Strange isn’t it? If you edit too soon after writing you sometimes can’t see errors but others ALWAYS do!)

Well, as luck would have it, the question was answered for me as soon as I opened my e-mails.
A publication said “yes” to one of my stories and “it needs work” to another one so the “it needs work” has received some loving attention and rewriting and whilst I left that for a few minutes before a second proof read I wrote a poem.

And to think that after my deliberations I had decided to write a short story set in the thirties about a mysterious disappearance…

Lessons for the day:
1. Don’t plan, go with the flow…
2. Drink more coffee before you start debating with your creative self! (The OCD part of my brain loves to think, rethink, rerethink…you get the idea! so it’s better if I’m actually awake!!)

Have a great day.


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