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Article, poetry and busy busy me! ;-)


A brand new follower asked for the link for the OCD article that I was working on in June this year…only my daft brain cell jumped to the Christmas related one (see more recent post) so I responded that it was on hold.

I am pleased to completely contradict myself! and say that the OCD article is alive and well and I’m pitching it to magazines so stay tuned! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed…you get the idea!

I did use part of my research for a book I’ve placed on Amazon How to write, heal and grow.

The basic overall message that came back to me was that people know what they SHOULD do but they don’t necessarily feel that they can.

e.g. People look at someone with a mental health problem and would not openly say “I’m a bit freaked out/don’t feel confident/don’t fully undertstand” and this makes them awkward so human nature being what it is, people avoid the discomfort and stigma lives on. More information is desperately needed for people to set aside misconceptions. (Any comments welcome.)

Hopefully as I write I can help in a teeny tiny way!!!

Big thank you’s to all followers – I do appreciate that you could be reading something else instead!

Great news yesterday – Poetree Org  uploaded some of my work on to their site, feel free to take a peek! Fab site!! 

Anyhow, yesterday after a few days I wasn’t thinking of Christmas…I was thinking poetically about time…today? I’m Little Miss Edit. It’s a mystery short story. The Mystery of Billy Burrows…out soon! (Or more precisely when I finish editing the little darling amongst other projects – I LOVE being busy!)

Have a great day and remember to smile, if only to make someone mad wondering what you’re so happy about!!




So far, so good!


It’s been a few months now since I started to write professionally and without tempting fate…so far, so good.

I must think, and have thought, that I have the ability to be a writer and yet whenever a piece of work gets placed or an editor is kind enough to say that a story doesn’t require much editing or they take time to explain how something could be made stronger before they hopefully accept it, I am genuinely amazed.

I wasn’t born arrogant and so I don’t assume that editors will be bound to accept my work, I am not naive enough to think that they are sat there waiting for my story/article/verse to land on their desks to proclaim it a masterpiece and for every single yes there are a ton of no’s, as most writers know.

It’s not an easy business to be in, but the love of writing can move mountains.

So, I am a very grateful person, I am pushing ahead, working hard and making the dream a reality…with a lot of miracles and help from above.

Whatever you aspire to do, take a deep breath and try to do it…It’s really rewarding to your soul!!

Trust me, this comes from someone who had 0% confidence a year ago.