Finished – Bring on the treats!


So, the book is fully edited ahead of the deadline and the Amazon bods have done their work…it’ll go on sale on 31st March. People are still pre-ordering which is pretty awesome! Grateful.


Only when I finished my book did I give myself a treat and rest the brain day, it started with a lie in and I got my hair cut, the job that I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks because it’s been all about the book…it felt sooooooooooo much better, tidy, textured…I could have kissed the stylist but THAT would have been just a tiny bit wierd🙂

Instead I bought myself rewards.

Apart from my book I have been killing off more OCD rituals and analysing the why’s for the what’s that I do – that works on a “face the fear = reward” basis. Like loyalty points in stores.

So, as spring is sauntering in to being I bought a few new tops, one is white with the butterly designs in relief so for want of a much better desciption it is a butterfly doily top!

One of the others has the words “C’est la belle vie” printed over the flowery design.

You know what? I realised on the way home that when I was very depressed the only way that I’d have bought a top with a message like that on it was if I felt like being sour and sarcastic. Now? I can say it and wear it, honestly and with pride which gets a big fat YIPPPEEEEEE from me.

After a day of indulgent treats I enjoyed a takeaway, sloped off to bed and woke up to see the solar eclipse this morning. Cool. An eclipse always reminds me how tiny we are in the universe. If the sun didn’t show up or the moon decided to park itself in front of the sun that would make us has-been life forms in an instant. Ooooooheeeerrrrrrr.

After the eclipse we’ve had a bright sunny life affirming kind of a day.

Have a great weekend and remember to treat yourself for your achievements.

Now, what to work on next…I’m thinking, I’m thinking…





About Joanne Hayle

I am Joanne Hayle, I love writing. It is the best way to express myself. is my website which links to here. I have O.C.D and P.T.S.D. This site is a testament to the fact that with expert help what can feel like the end of the world, isn't. THANK GOD!! I have books on Amazon, have been included in poetry anthologies and children's books plus a really lovely amount of freelance work. You can also see my children's stories for free on

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