So many subjects to write about!



My brain has been super-duper productive this last week or so which is fabulous.

However, I can only assume that it has been so busy coming up with new ideas because I told myself that I was going to work on a longer fiction piece for a while which must have sent my creative brain cells into “ha ha, that’s what you think!” mode and this week I have set aside the editing from last week, the new fiction project and the new article and I’ve written three short non fiction e-books.

I love finding out about things so researching is never a problem, even before the OCD turned up I used to get excited by learning, now that OCD has focused that even more I can get lost for hours finding out about something that until the idea popped in to my head I hadn’t really considered that I was overly interested in it.

Curious but true – my brain is a home for the most unlikely trivia, especially words and history related.

One of the books I wrote was on the meaning of colours,  colour psychology and their use in marketing.

It was great fun to do and it was inspired by a comment my therapist made which set me thinking…I had been watching a Garfield cartoon (guilty pleasure) and his orange-ness had triggered a memory that we needed to process and disarm so that it didn’t affect me anymore (PTSD.)

She said something along the lines of “orange means things in psychology, interested. Hmmm.”

That was it, curiosity heightened and here we are a book later!

Orange apparently means new beginnings, creativity and confidence among other things so I am going to thank good old Garfield for triggering the memory that set me on the path to a brighter day and a book! The marketing side of colour usage I already had a broad knowledge of anyhow thanks to my previous life in offices.

The other books were about confusion over words and animal names.

Yes, diverse!!!

Now I’m off to find out about Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (Marie Antoinette’s mum) as I ponder on which of the ideas my lovely brain has conjured up to work on next.

Have a great weekend and remember that we’re only 39 days until it’s Christmas.

If you’re Christmas shopping…Good luck, it’s busy out there!



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I am Joanne Hayle, I love writing. It is the best way to express myself. is my website which links to here. I have O.C.D and P.T.S.D. This site is a testament to the fact that with expert help what can feel like the end of the world, isn't. THANK GOD!! I have books on Amazon, have been included in poetry anthologies and children's books plus a really lovely amount of freelance work. You can also see my children's stories for free on

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  1. Well written and enjoyed the read. Thank you found your blog by chance I am new to blogging and like reading interesting blogs from writers

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