100 Years On

Hi everyone,


Please, please take a moment to remember that World War One started 100 years ago, I know that in the UK there will be ceremonies and commemorations tomorrow but I would love to think that we could ALL give time to honour and thank the brave people who gave their lives in the name of duty and imagine the losses that were endured by those left behind in the damaged world.

It was, sadly, not the “war to end all wars” but although humans are wilfully stupid at times I believe that one day (even if it’s a thousand years from now) we may just realise that war and bloodshed are a seriously bad idea and one not to be embarked on.

The majority of us are so lucky and yet we take a lot of things for granted – me included – for instance, we have the freedom to offer our thoughts and in my case my stories, without fear, without being censored, without armies and dictators stealing lives from peace loving people…well, that’s the majority…


Peace and love to all…


P.S. My favourite WW1 poem is by Wilfred Owen, it’s called Dulce et decorum est. 

Google it, read it, learn from it and feel the emotion.











About Joanne Hayle

I am Joanne Hayle, I love writing. It is the best way to express myself. www.joannehayle.co.uk is my website which links to here. I have O.C.D and P.T.S.D. This site is a testament to the fact that with expert help what can feel like the end of the world, isn't. THANK GOD!! I have books on Amazon, have been included in poetry anthologies and children's books plus a really lovely amount of freelance work. You can also see my children's stories for free on www.childrens-stories.net.

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