Weekend Offer…Curious?


Curious? is on offer at a fabulously low price to download this weekend.



Curious? is an anthology containing contemporary poems about love, relationships, romance and poetry celebrating life, its funny and inspiring moments.

Titles include When Your Mind Wanders (Love.)
The Bridge (Love and life.)
Rhyme Time (Funny poetry.)
Curious? (Inspirational.)

Please enjoy my poetry and its positive, motivational messages.
The poems are thoughtfully written but they are not demanding or overcomplicated.

I write from the heart and let the words flow rather than obey all of the poetry techniques religiously (although I respect those who do!)

If you wish to leave a review, please do.
I welcome feedback on my poetry book.


Have a great weekend.





About Joanne Hayle

I am Joanne Hayle, I love writing. It is the best way to express myself. www.joannehayle.co.uk is my website which links to here. I have O.C.D and P.T.S.D. This site is a testament to the fact that with expert help what can feel like the end of the world, isn't. THANK GOD!! I have books on Amazon, have been included in poetry anthologies and children's books plus a really lovely amount of freelance work. You can also see my children's stories for free on www.childrens-stories.net.

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